Application of Singapore SG Arrival Card

Singapore, a captivating city-state, showcases magnificent architecture, verdant green havens, and a dynamic cultural milieu. From the renowned Marina Bay Sands hotel to the tranquil Botanic Gardens, the array of attractions is truly endless.


Singapore Arrival Card

However, before you set out on your adventure to this remarkable nation, it is imperative to confirm your possession of essential travel documents, which encompass theSingapore Arrival Card (known as the SG Arrival Card) and the Electronic Health Declaration.

These credentials hold paramount importance for accessing Singapore, ensuring your journey unfolds seamlessly and devoid of complications.

Meaning of an SG Arrival Card

The Singapore SG Arrival Card is an enhanced version of the previous Disembarkation/Embarkation Card (DE Card) required upon entry into Singapore. This updated card is obligatory for all foreign visitors and permanent residents, serving two pivotal functions:

Firstly, it serves as a customs registration form, ensuring adherence to import regulations.

Secondly, it functions as a travel health certificate, necessitating the declaration of your health status.

Given the prevailing COVID-19 circumstances, Singapore mandates a health declaration as well. When applying, you'll receive both the Health Declaration and SG Arrival Card.

The details provided in the Health Declaration and SG Arrival Card could be employed by Singapore's Ministry of Health for potential emergency communication.

Essential information to be provided on the card encompasses your name, date of birth, nationality, passport number, recent travel history, purpose of visit, and relevant consents.

Entry points where the SGAC is accepted in Singapore 

The SG Arrival Card (SGAC) is a convenient electronic document that facilitates entry into Singapore for eligible travellers. This digital alternative to the traditional paper disembarkation card simplifies the immigration process by enabling travellers to submit their details online prior to arrival. The SGAC is accepted at various entry points as listed below across Singapore, streamlining the entry procedure for visitors, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.

  • Singapore Changi Airport - SIN: For air travel.
  • Tuas checkpoint: For land travel.
  • Woodlands checkpoint: For land travel.
  • Changi Ferry Terminal: For sea travel.
  • Changi Point Ferry Terminal: For sea travel.
  • Singapore Cruise Centre: For sea travel.
  • Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal: For sea travel.

Presenting your SG Arrival Card at any of the designated entry points listed above ensures a streamlined entry process into Singapore, enhancing your overall travel experience.

Which Nationalities Can Apply for the Singapore Arrival Card?

The Singapore Arrival Card application is open to travellers of all nationalities, provided they meet the requisite criteria.

It's recommended to complete the SG Arrival Card at least 3 days before your intended arrival in Singapore. Make sure to include it in your pre-travel checklist to ensure a smooth entry process.

Are Travel Health Certificate and SG Arrival Card Required for Children?

Yes, children and minors must also present their travel health certificate and SG Arrival Card upon arriving in Singapore. The convenience of e-Visa allows you to process multiple Health Forms and Arrival Cards simultaneously.

Is the SG Arrival Card Equivalent to a Visa?

The SG Arrival Card does not serve as a substitute for a visa. It does not confer entry permission or guarantee access to Singapore.

It's important to differentiate between the SG Arrival Card and the Singapore online visa, as these are separate documents, each with distinct purposes and requirements.

Even with a valid SG Arrival Card, individuals must still fulfil any necessary visa prerequisites before entering Singapore. 

Who Requires a Visa for Singapore?

Certain nationalities must possess both an SG Arrival Card and an approved Singapore visa to enter the country. These documents are obtained separately.

Necessary Documents for Obtaining a Singapore Electronic Arrival Card and Health Declaration

When applying for the SG Arrival Card and Health Declaration, ensure you have the following documents ready for submission:

  • A photocopy of your valid passport with a minimum of 6 months validity remaining. The passport scan should be in PNG, JPG, or JPEG format.
  • Information about your lodging in Singapore, including the name and address of your hotel or host.
  • Comprehensive itinerary and travel particulars, including flight specifics and your arrival date.
  • A credit or debit card for the online payment of service fees.

Upon approval, you will receive the documents via email. It is advisable to print these documents for presentation upon your arrival in Singapore.

Steps to applying for the SG Arrival Card and Travel Health Declaration online.

Step 1: Furnish fundamental information concerning yourself and your travel by responding to a brief set of questions.

Step 2: Verify the completeness of your details for the SG Arrival Card and Health Declaration application. Choose your preferred processing timeframe and remit the fees via credit or debit card, or PayPal.

Step 3: Submit the requisite documents by uploading them and click 'Submit.'

Don't forget to carry your SG Arrival Card, along with other essential documents, to the Singapore airport as you embark on your journey!

Costs and Processing Times for the SG Arrival Card and Health Declaration

We offer a user-friendly and dependable service to assist you in completing your Singapore Arrival Card and Health Declaration before your journey.

We recognize the diverse requirements of different travellers, hence we present three processing time alternatives, each associated with varying fees.

  • Standard Processing: If you are not in a hurry, the Standard Processing is an apt selection. Within 24 hours.
  • Rush Processing: For expedited needs, the Rush Processing option is available. In just 4 hours.
  • Super Rush Processing: Urgent cases can opt for the Super Rush Processing, guaranteeing delivery of your documents within 30 minutes.

Select the processing time that aligns with your requirements, allowing us to simplify the acquisition of your SG Arrival Card and Health Declaration.

When is the Ideal Time to Apply for an SG Card?

To ensure a seamless trip to Singapore, it's advisable to submit all essential information for the SG Arrival Card at least three days prior to departure.

Pre-plan your preparations and compile the necessary documents for effortless online submission. This strategic approach will facilitate a smooth immigration process upon your arrival, enabling you to revel in the incredible wonders and experiences that Singapore has to offer!

Validity of SG Arrival Card and Electronic Health Declaration

The SG Arrival Card is valid for a single entry. The duration of stay in Singapore for foreign nationals hinges on their visa status, which is contingent upon their country of origin.

Specific countries have bilateral agreements with Singapore that allow their citizens to enter visa-free for durations ranging from 30 to 90 days.

It's imperative to comprehend that the SG Arrival Card does not confer the right to remain in Singapore. Instead, it serves as an essential entry document for all visitors, irrespective of their nationality, visa status, or travel motive.


Electronic Health Declaration

Is the Health Declaration and SG Arrival Card Necessary for Transit in Singapore?

For foreign travellers intending to solely transit through Singapore's airport, the submission of the SG Arrival Card is unnecessary. Moreover, if you remain within the transit areas of terminals 1, 2, 3, and 4 at Singapore Changi Airport without passing through Singapore Immigration, no transit visa is obligatory.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for the Singapore SG Arrival Card

If you're preparing for a visit to Singapore and are gearing up to apply for the SG Arrival Card, it's crucial to be mindful of potential errors that could lead to delays or complications. Here are some key aspects to be cautious of:

  • Inaccurate Personal Details: Thoroughly review your personal information, such as your name and passport number, to ensure accuracy before submission.
  • Incomplete Health Declaration: The Health Declaration is essential to uphold public health standards. Complete it diligently, providing all necessary information and required documentation if requested.
  • Late Submission: To prevent delays or potential entry denial, remember to submit your SG Arrival Card information a minimum of three days before your scheduled Singapore trip. Last-minute submissions can pose challenges.

Relax and immerse yourself in the captivating aspects of your journey, reassured that your application will be submitted punctually, free from concerns about deadlines or prerequisites.

Exciting Activities to Experience in Singapore

Singapore, a dynamic and bustling city-state, offers an array of captivating activities for its visitors. Whether you seek adventure, cultural enrichment, or serene relaxation, Singapore caters to diverse preferences.

Here are some of the most exceptional activities to engage in while in Singapore:

  • Explore Gardens by the Bay

This remarkable attraction showcases an extensive assortment of exotic flora, complemented by towering Supertrees that illuminate the night sky. Stroll along the elevated walkway for panoramic vistas or relish performances at the open-air theatre.

Experience in Singapore
  • Immerse Yourself in Chinatown

A visit to this spirited neighbourhood is a must for its historical significance and rich cultural tapestry. Indulge in souvenir shopping and savour local delights at lively street markets. Alternatively, pay a visit to the ornate Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum.

Immerse Yourself in Chinatown
  • Delight in Sentosa Island 

A haven of amusement and repose, Sentosa Island is an ideal destination for a day of excitement. Bask on the sandy shores, partake in exhilarating roller coaster rides at theme parks, or even zipline across the island. Be sure not to miss the enthralling Wings of Time spectacle at night, featuring a dazzling array of lights and fireworks.

Delight in Sentosa Island

Customer Service Team

For further information regarding the SG Arrival Card, visas, travel documents, or any inquiries related to your upcoming journey to Singapore, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated customer support team. You can contact us anytime, and we're here to assist you, feel free to email us. Your convenience and peace of mind are our top priorities, and we're available to provide the guidance you need.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Singapore SG Arrival Card:

What is the SG Arrival Card?

The SG Arrival Card is an electronic document that replaces the traditional paper disembarkation card. It allows eligible travellers to provide their information online before arriving in Singapore.

Who needs to apply for the SG Arrival Card?

Travellers from select countries who are visiting Singapore for tourism or business purposes may need to apply for the SG Arrival Card. The requirement varies based on nationality.

How can I apply for the SG Arrival Card?

You can apply for the SG Arrival Card online by filling out the required information and submitting it through the official application portal.

What information is required to apply for the SG Arrival Card?

Typically, you will need to provide personal details such as your name, passport information, travel dates, and accommodation details.

Is there a fee for the SG Arrival Card?

Yes, there is usually a processing fee associated with the SG Arrival Card application.

When should I apply for the SG Arrival Card?

It's recommended to apply for the SG Arrival Card at least a few days before your travel date to ensure timely processing.

How will I receive my SG Arrival Card?

Once your application is approved, you will receive the SG Arrival Card electronically. It's advisable to have a printed or digital copy when you arrive in Singapore.

Do children need their own SG Arrival Card?

Yes, each traveller, including children, usually needs their own SG Arrival Card.

Is the SG Arrival Card the same as a visa?

No, the SG Arrival Card is not a visa. It's an electronic document that simplifies the immigration process upon arrival in Singapore.

Can I apply for the SG Arrival Card on arrival in Singapore?

In most cases, it's recommended to apply for the SG Arrival Card before your travel. Applying in advance helps expedite the immigration process upon arrival.

How long is the SG Arrival Card valid for?

The validity of the SG Arrival Card can vary, but it's usually linked to your travel dates and the duration of your stay in Singapore.

Can I extend the validity of the SG Arrival Card?

The validity of the SG Arrival Card is typically not extendable. If you plan to stay longer in Singapore, you may need to explore other visa options.

What happens if my SG Arrival Card application is rejected?

If your application is rejected, you may need to apply for a visa through the appropriate channels before travelling to Singapore.

Can I use the SG Arrival Card for multiple entries to Singapore?

The usability of the SG Arrival Card for multiple entries depends on the specific conditions of your application. It's advisable to check the terms before travelling.

Is the SG Arrival Card transferable to other individuals?

No, the SG Arrival Card is usually non-transferable and tied to the individual traveller's information.

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