Singapore Visa Photo Requirement

Many people want to travel to Singapore at least once in their lifetime since it is a fascinating Asian location. A visa is an essential component of travel preparation when visiting Singapore. It can be daunting and frustrating to figure out how to obtain a visit visa to Singapore, choose the kind of visa you need, gather the required paperwork, and ensure that it is accurate and matches the requirements of the visa application.

Why visa photos are important to Travel to Singapore

Visa photos are important to get a visa in Singapore because they serve as a form of identification and verification. The photo is used to confirm the identity of the visa applicant and ensure that the person applying for the visa is the same person who will be using it.

The visa photo is also used to create an image of the visa holder on the visa itself and on other travel documents, such as a passport. This ensures that immigration officials can easily identify the visa holder when they arrive in Singapore and confirm that they are the same person who was issued the visa.

Additionally, having a clear and high-quality photo that meets the visa photo requirements makes the visa application process run smoothly, helps avoiding delays and prevents rejection of the visa application.

After carefully completing your visa application and supporting documentation, it is extremely disappointing to learn that your application has been rejected. especially if you find out it was because the photos you sent with your paperwork didn't adhere to Singapore visa requirements.You must ensure that you have submitted your images in accordance with the Singapore visa photo requirements since applicants' photographs for Singapore visas are quite important. Learn the important details to keep in mind when submitting a photo with your Singapore visa application.

Problems faced if visa Photo are incorrect

Problems you, an aspirant traveler may face before and during your visit to Singapore are stated below:

  • Rejection of the visa application: If the photo does not meet the requirements set by the Singaporean authorities, the visa application may be rejected.
  • Delays in processing the visa application: If the photo is not clear or of poor quality, it may be difficult for the visa officials to confirm the identity of the applicant, which can cause delays in processing the visa application.
  • Additional costs: If the visa application is rejected or delayed due to an incorrect photo, the applicant may need to submit a new photo and pay additional fees.
  • Difficulty in entering Singapore: If the visa photo on the visa or travel documents does not match the appearance of the visa holder, they may have difficulty entering Singapore and be subject to additional scrutiny from immigration officials.
  • Rejection of entry at the border: If the visa photo does not match the appearance of the visa holder, it may cause the visa holder to be denied entry into Singapore.

Singapore Visa photo size

Two passport-size photos are required together with the other paperwork for Indian citizens applying for visas to Singapore. All candidates seeking a Singapore tourist visa must include a full-face photograph that was shot against a white backdrop and of a certain size in order to ensure a successful application process. The specifications and recommended photo size for Singapore visa applications from Indian nationals are shown below.

There are some generalized visa photo requirements for Singapore visa aspirant to be fulfilled, which are as stated below:

  • The photo should be taken within the last 3 months
  • The photo should be a passport-style color photo
  • The photo should be taken against a plain white background
  • The photo should be clear and of high resolution
  • The photo should show the applicant's full face, with no hat or sunglasses
  • The photo should be taken in normal street attire, without any uniform
  • The photo should be 2 inches by 2 inches in size
  • The photo should be in JPEG or PNG format

Please note that these are the general requirements for a Singapore visa photo, specific requirements may vary depending on the type of visa you are applying for. Kindly check with the embassy or consulate of Singapore for their specific requirements.

You have to ensure that your Singapore visa photograph meets the following specific requirements:

  • The Singapore visa photo size should be 45.0 (Height) X 35.0 (Width)
  • The background of the photo should be plain white or any light color shade. Please ensure that the background doesn’t have any patterns, shadows or designs.
  • A "full face" photo is one in which the applicant is facing the camera directly. The applicant should not be looking down or to either side. The face should cover about 80 percent of the area of the photo. The key requirement is that the photograph clearly identifies the applicant.
  • Sunglasses, specs, hats, scarfs or other accessories, which would detract from the face, are not acceptable. However, religious headgears are permitted but should show the face clearly.
  • Photos of members of the military, airline employees or other personnel wearing hats are not acceptable.
  • Since a separate visa is issued to each qualified applicant, an individual photo is required in all cases. Group photos are not acceptable.
  • Digitally-altered photographs will not be accepted. This includes alterations of color or pattern in the background of the picture. Photographs that are out-of- focus, air-brushed or otherwise substandard will not be accepted.

Dimensions of Visa photo for Singapore

The standard visa photo dimensions for singapore are as mentioned below:

Height x Width 45.0 x 35.0 mm
Face Size 80% of the photo (32.0 to 36.0 mm)
Face Orientation Front
Background Plain, light colored with no patterns or shadows
Accessories No sunglasses, specs, hats or masks. Religious headgear is allowed, but should properly show the face.
Comments Two recent passport-sized photographs are required - Matt finish, Ears visible, Neck & Shoulder visible. Photos should be without borders.

For online submission, the Singapore visa photo must be 400 x 514 pixels in size and be in a jpeg format with a maximum file size of 2 MB. Make sure the shot is taken at a legitimate photo studio to ensure optimum lighting. In any case, avoid capturing the photo with a mobile device. For the photo for your Singapore visa, avoid taking a selfie. There are particular applications that are made to take pictures in accordance with Singapore visa regulations if you find yourself in a position where you can only use a smartphone camera to take your Singapore visa photograph.

The photograph must be taken against a plain white background. Choose an outfit that contrasts with the white background. The photograph should not have any borders around it.

Photos should be taken with a clean front-facing view in ideal lighting circumstances. It shouldn't be too dark or too bright, and there shouldn't be any shadows or glare. A strong light source should not be immediately under the camera. It is not advisable to take the Singapore visa photo under bright lighting. The applicant's face must be in sharp focus and should not be too near or far from the camera. Photographs shouldn't be rotated, stretched, or cropped in any way. The image must not be pixelated or blurry. The month should be finished, and the facial expression should be neutral. Red eyes shouldn't be there in the image.

It is advised against utilizing any mobile applications or computer software to modify the photos using picture enhancement tools or filters. Photos should accurately depict the candidate's natural skin tone. Any distinctive facial characteristics, including scars, birthmarks, or wound markings, should be plainly seen in the shot.

Make sure your face is visible above the shoulders in the photographs. You must be able to see your shoulders, neck, face, ears, eyes, and hair. If you have long hair or bangs on your forehead, make sure your hair is well-kept so that it does not impede your facial characteristics. For instance, hair bangs might cover an eye and conceal it. The best option is to pin it up out of the face.

Long hair that hangs over the shoulder or reaches the earlobes should be tucked away from the face. Face masks, sunglasses, scarves, caps, bandanas, and helmets are not permitted accessories. You may wear a religious head covering. It must stand out against the white background if it is worn. When shooting the Singapore visa photo, a dark hat is advised. Your eyes must be plainly visible. If you wear glasses, the frames shouldn't be so large that they distort how big the applicant's eyes are. The lenses of your glasses should be clear and untinted.Your eyes should be plainly visible through the glasses and the spectacle lens should be free of glare. The picture should be taken with the glasses off if at all feasible. You should look directly into the camera. No angle should be used to shoot the photo. Faces should be directed toward the camera, with eyes fixed directly in front of the lens.

To edit the picture for your visa application, the ICA recommends you download and use mobile apps that are specifically designed to take photographs for passport or identity card applications. These apps usually come with features that will help you take photographs in the required dimensions. Some suggested search-words you can use on the Android Play Store or Apple App Store are ‘Singapore Passport’, ‘Singapore IC’ and ‘Photo’. The photograph will be accepted if it complies with our photo guidelines. Possible Apps include “IC Photo Singapore”, “Passport Size Photo Maker” or “Passport Photo ID Maker Studio – ID Photo Editor” You can also use the image editing software in your computer to resize the digital photograph. Please note that your photograph must not be altered or enhanced in any way. This includes the modification of facial features and/or the usage of photo editing software.

A selfie for a visa application is not recommended, and the dimension is 400 X 514 pixels for upload of photos via e-Services. Photos cannot be flipped or transformed, if the photo is flipped the hair and mole are at different from original positions hence it is not appreciated. The digital photos should not be altered too much except for changing the dimensions and fulfilling other criterias, heavy editing of visa photos is not acceptable.

As per Singapore visa specifications, every visitor to Singapore, irrespective of age and purpose of travel, must submit a recent photograph. Consulate officers take photographs very seriously, which is why extra attention should be paid to this feature in visa applications. If the photographs do not match the specified requirements, the Singapore visa can be delayed or completely rejected. To eliminate any room for error and to be stress-free in this matter, it is highly recommended to have a fresh photograph taken according to the Singapore visa photo requirements.