Singapore Attracted 1.1M Indian Tourists in 2023

Singapore 1.1M Indian Tourists in 2023 Overall 13.6M

Singapore's tourism industry experienced a remarkable comeback in 2023, with visitor arrivals surging to 13.6 million, a staggering 115% increase compared to the COVID-impacted 2022 figure of 6.3 million. This impressive bounce-back aligns with the Singapore Tourism Board's (STB) initial forecast of 12 million to 14 million visitors for the year.

India played a significant role in this tourism revival, emerging as the top source market for Singapore. The city-state welcomed an impressive 1.1 million Indian tourists in 2023, significantly contributing to the overall visitor count and economic impact.

This positive trend indicates a substantial recovery for Singapore's tourism sector, which was severely impacted by the global pandemic. Although the 2023 arrivals represent approximately 71% of the 2019 visitor count, the upward trajectory is encouraging news for the industry.

Factors contributing to the tourism surge

  • Easing travel restrictions: As global travel restrictions eased and vaccination rates increased, pent-up demand for international travel fueled the tourism resurgence.
  • Targeted marketing campaigns: The Singapore Tourism Board's strategic marketing efforts attracted visitors from key markets like India, Southeast Asia, and Europe.
  • Enhanced tourism offerings: Continued development of new attractions, experiences, and infrastructure further strengthened Singapore's appeal as a travel destination.

Benefits of the tourism boom

  • Economic growth: The increased tourism activity benefits various sectors within the Singaporean economy, including hotels, restaurants, retail, and entertainment.
  • Job creation: Increased tourism creates more job opportunities in the hospitality, transportation, and service industries.
  • Cultural exchange: Tourists from diverse backgrounds contribute to Singapore's vibrant and multicultural atmosphere.

Looking ahead:

  • Sustainable tourism: As Singapore welcomes visitors, ensuring sustainable practices and responsible tourism becomes even more crucial.
  • Diversifying source markets: While India remains a key market, attracting visitors from other regions will strengthen the industry's resilience.
  • Adapting to evolving trends: Staying attuned to changing travel preferences and adapting offerings accordingly will be essential for continued success.

For Indian travellers considering a trip to Singapore:

  • Multiple attractions: From cultural experiences and world-class shopping to thrilling theme parks and delicious cuisines, Singapore offers something for everyone.
  • Convenient access: Numerous direct flights connect major Indian cities to Singapore, making travel convenient and affordable.
  • Special promotions: Look out for attractive travel packages and promotions targeted explicitly at Indian tourists.

Singapore's tourism industry is on a positive trajectory, with India playing a vital role in its revival. The future looks bright for this vibrant destination, and it eagerly awaits welcoming even more visitors to explore its unique charm and diverse offerings.


How much did tourism numbers in Singapore increase in 2023 compared to the previous year?

There was a remarkable 115% increase in visitors to Singapore in 2023 compared to 2022, jumping from 6.3 million to 13.6 million.

Which country was the top source of tourists for Singapore in 2023?

India emerged as the leading source market, contributing a significant 1.1 million visitors.

How does this compare to pre-pandemic tourism levels?

While 2023 saw a substantial recovery, visitor arrivals are still about 29% below the 2019 pre-pandemic levels.

What are the benefits of the tourism boom for Singapore?

It brings economic growth, job creation, cultural exchange, and strengthens the resilience of the tourism industry.

 Should I consider visiting Singapore as an Indian tourist?

Absolutely! Singapore offers diverse attractions, convenient access from India, and often has special promotions tailored for Indian travellers.

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