Singapore and China Unlock 30 Days of Visa-Free Wonders

Singapore and China are poised to significantly boost tourism and cultural exchange with the finalization of a 30-day mutual visa-free policy. This landmark agreement, currently in its final stages, was a key focus of Singapore Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong's recent visit to Tianjin and Beijing, where he co-chaired the 19th Joint Council for Bilateral Cooperation (JCBC).

Singapore and China Unlock 30 Days of Visa-Free Wonders

Highlighting the burgeoning personnel exchanges between the two nations, Wong emphasized the near-complete restoration of pre-pandemic flight connectivity. He further stated, "The 30-day mutual visa exemption arrangement will further support this positive trend, fostering deeper connections and solidifying the bedrock of our bilateral relations."

Echoing this sentiment, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin confirmed ongoing communication between relevant authorities to finalize the specific details. Both countries expressed eagerness for the swift implementation and coming into effect of the agreement.

 Chinese Foreign Ministry

This development builds upon China's existing visa-free entry for Singaporean citizens, implemented in July 2023. This 15-day visa-free policy, applicable for business, tourism, visiting friends and relatives, and transit, has already paved the way for increased travel between the two nations.

China's existing visa-free entry for Singaporean citizens

Moreover, China has actively pursued visa exemptions with other countries. In May 2023, discussions with Singapore regarding a bilateral visa-free agreement began, with Beijing's embassy viewing it as a key strategy to attract more visitors. This initiative aligns with China's broader goal of reviving its tourism sector.

The potential economic impact is significant. Before the pandemic, Singapore welcomed 3.6 million Chinese visitors, generating around S$4.1 billion in revenue. Similar visa-free policies implemented by Malaysia (30 days for China and India) and Thailand (30 days for China and Kazakhstan) further illustrate the potential for tourism growth.

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